SCT Submits FDA Application For Dog Trials

SCT submitted an application to the FDA for an Investigational New Animal Drug (INAD), the formal process for requesting FDA approval to begin clinical studies in companion animals. Allen Gardner, a member of the SCT board, remarked, "Over 150 thousand dogs are living with type-1 diabetes in America, and it is estimated that an additional 400 thousand are undiagnosed.  These dogs are cared for by loving family members who diligently perform daily glucose monitoring and insulin injections to keep their pet alive.  As soon as the FDA approves this trial, we will begin working with a few select families to treat their pets with SCTs breakthrough therapy. All of our data show that this treatment will provide their pet with a permanent cure of diabetes and free them from the burden of daily insulin therapy.  We are committed to working with the FDA to begin this trial soon and assure that it is performed to the highest scientific standards."