SymbioCellTech Presents Preliminary Data from First-of-Its-Kind Dog Study at American Diabetes Association Meeting

This week SymbioCellTech presented preliminary data from the first two, spontaneously diabetic pet dogs treated in its ongoing pilot study with SCT’s canine Neo-Islet product, SCT-c001, at the American Diabetes Association’s 78th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, FL. The scientific poster presentation entitled, “I.P. Administered Neo-Islets, Aggregates of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Cultured Islet Cells, Improve Glycemic Control of Spontaneously Occurring Insulin Dependent DM in Pet Dogs:  A Pilot Study, INAD 012-776” was met with great enthusiasm from the diabetes research community in attendance. “The results from the first two dogs, while preliminary, are very promising, showing that NI (Neo-Islet) therapy progressively reduces insulin requirements and improves blood sugar control. No anti-rejection drugs have been used, and these two dogs have not developed antibodies to the cells used for treatment, even though the cells are from unrelated donor dogs,” stated Anna Gooch, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer for SCT.