SymbioCellTech Scientific Team Presents Neo-Islet Data at ADA 2019

Drs. Westenfelder and Gooch presented their SymbioCellTech scientific work on Neo-Islet therapy at the 79th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association (ADA 2019). In independent presentations, Dr. Westenfelder delivered a moderated talk entitled, INAD 012-776 Pilot Study: Allogeneic “Neo-Islets,” Composed of Mesenchymal Stem and Islet Cells, are Immune Protected and Dose-Dependently and Durably Control Autoimmune T1DM in Pet Dogs, and Dr. Gooch presented a poster entitled, Optimal Control of Glucose and Lipid Profiles is Critical to the Effective “Neo-Islet” Therapy of Insulin Dependent Pet Dogs.

Both presentations exemplify significant progress in demonstrating safety and efficacy of SymbioCellTech’s novel Neo-Islet therapy in a large animal model comparable to humans. “This is more validation that the therapeutic discoveries our scientists have made in their relentless pursuit of a cure for diabetes are both safe and feasible for moving into clinical trials,” comments Dr. Russell Reiss, Chief Operating Officer of SymbioCellTech.

Both scientific presentations generated significant interest from other national and international scientific groups, including representatives from both industry and research.